About Us

What is BoyZone all about?

BoyZone is a social media platform much like you are probably used to already.

You can create profiles, upload photos, video or other media, send messages, create and/or participate in chatrooms, groups, forums, post internet links, interesting news articles, place advertisements, make bookings online when available, find out about events and keep in touch with friends, colleagues, etc.

But we have more to offer than just your ordinary social media platform. Why do we say so?

BoyZone is a closed social media platform. And there is good reasons for that.

  1. We are a social media platform dedicated to the LGBT Community. We don’t want gay bashers here. We don’t want people on our platform insulting or terrorizing our subscribers. We have admin personnel and moderators keeping an eye out for them. And we will ban them.
  2. We are not going to take down material deemed explicit by other social media platforms, therefor the age restriction and the subscription. Please note – we are still bounded by law and will therefore not allow any material such as explicit underage footage, or anything racially discriminating, “snuff material”, or illegal software uploaded.


BoyZone has a Rendezvous and a Check-in function. The Rendezvous enables the member to set up a meeting with other members or friends at a certain venue, complete with a description field, friend search and a calendar to make things easy and fun.


The Check-in function works with an interactive online map so that you and your friends can access it from you mobile device, use it with your devices navigator and hook up.


Share posts, find a match, hook up, have fun.


Keep an eye out for our Android app. It will have all the functions of the web and mobile versions, but with the added feature of alerting you if a match is at the location you are finding yourself in.